MIRI Time-Lapse Incubator

Brand: Esco medical
Product Code: MIRI Time-Lapse

The MIRI Time-Lapse Incubator is a multiroom incubator with a built-in camera and microscope. Designed and manufactured in EU, the MIRI Time-Lapse Incubator provides high quality time-lapse images of embryos developing in "real-time" without having to remove the embryos from the safety of the incubation chamber for manual microscopy. Time-lapse embryo monitoring provides detailed morphokinetic data throughout embryo development, which is not available on routine spot microscopic evaluation. This allows all important events to be observed, helping to identify healthy embryos with the highest probability of implantation, with the aim of achieving higher pregnancy rates.


6 (TL6) / 12 (TL12) independent chambers with precise temperature and gas regulation: Opening any chamber does not affect the environment in other chambers.


Gas sampling ports for each chamber and independent PT-1000 sensors allow external quality evaluation of gas levels and temperature in each chamber.


Excellent uniformity between the top and bottom lid. Heated chamber lids prevent condensation, enhance temperature regulation/recovery, and ensure temperature uniformity between the top and bottom of the chamber.


Built-in gas mixer for tri-gas, an advanced gas regulation system, and HEPA-VOC filtered recirculation allow precise gas level control and lower gas consumption. Continually monitors and documents gas flow, gas concentration, pressure, and temperature regulation.


Optional SAFE Sens integration for continuous pH monitoring without opening the chamber.

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