MIRI Evidence

Brand: Esco medical
Product Code: MIRI Evidence

MIRI Evidence is redefining the way traceability in laboratory procedures is managed and stored in fertility clinics, eliminating errors, preventing system mix-ups, saving time, and helping clinics to comply with regulations. This tool provides a single, secure platform that ensures all patients are scheduled on time and documented properly - saving time and improving outcomes across the board.


MIRI Evidence Tracking has been made to comply with the EDQM guidelines and EU regulations. The workflow and tracking system assists the fertility clinic in documenting all procedures in the laboratory and office, thus excluding double-witnessing and saving time.


Oocytes, embryos, and semen samples are tracked and validated in and out of the containers eliminating the need for human double-witnessing. The validation guarantees that the correct sample is being processed and prevents patient samples from being mixed up.


Integration with other systems is as essential as it saves time and ensures the quality of exchanged information. The integration points range from patient demographic data, financial input/output, and image transfer to the exchange of laboratory results. The MIRI Evidence similarly permits live video feed during ovum pickup, ICSI, or embryo transfer to a tablet or a display in the operation theatre.

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