MIRI GA Gas and Temperature Validation Unit

Brand: Esco medical
Product Code: MIRI GA

MIRI GA Gas and Temperature Validation Unit is a tabletop device that is designed to perform easy and continuous external gas and temperature validation of IVF incubators. This device can be used to validate different varieties of Esco Medical IVF incubators such as MIRI Time-lapse Incubator, MIRI Multiroom Incubator, Mini MIRI Incubators, and other brands of IVF incubators.


Advantages of Using MIRI GA Gas and Temperature Validation Unit


  1. MIRI GA can do both temperature measurement and gas concentration analysis concurrently. In using conventional hand-held validating devices, the embryologist may need two separate devices for measuring the temperature and gas concentration.
  2. MIRI GA measures gas and temperature simultaneously 24 hours a day while in conventional devices, measurements are done in a regular interval.
  3. The gas suction rate is gentle, at the same time, adjustable. It is claimed to be at 3L/h while conventional devices can consume up to 12L/h gas suction rate.
  4. Data logging software is one of the major advantages you can have in this MIRI GA. Aside from the data logger itself, it comes with an adjustable alarm threshold which you can’t find in any conventional devices.
  5. Last but not the least, its ability to monitor up to 6 incubation chambers at the same time. In conventional devices, it can only validate one unit at a time.

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