TransferMan 4r Manipulator

Brand: Eppendorf
Product Code: TransferMan 4r

Successful cell manipulation requires precision and fast sample processing. Eppendorf's new flagship micromanipulator, the TransferMan 4r, is designed to ensure optimal results for any of your micromanipulation requirements. Together with our complete portfolio of cell manipulation products, it forms an ideal system to fully support your cell manipulation applications.


Product Information


The user-friendly TransferMan 4r possesses an ergonomic and innovative design to meet the most demanding micromanipulation requirements. Smart functions, such as improved automated home function and position storage, enable simple and fast execution of even the most complex micromanipulation techniques. The DualSpeed joystick allows for precise and intuitive movement in all three dimensions, and dynamic movement for covering longer distances. It is ideal for manipulation of oocytes and early embryos, transfer of stem cells and microparticles, and a wide range of applications in non human reproductive biology. Application-specific user profiles simplify the individual workflow process with four pre-defined application masks to choose from (e.g., for cell transfer, DNA injection, etc). The freely programmable "My app" mask can be optimized according to individual needs. The TransferMan 4r is for research use only.
The exceptionally direct transmission of movement in all directions gives a "real time feeling".




  1. Micromanipulation of oocytes and early embryos
  2. ES and iPS cell transfer
  3. Nuclear transfer
  4. Pronuclear and cytoplasmic injection (e.g., CRISPR/Cas, TALEN)
  5. Selection of individual cells (e.g., biopsies, single cell picking)
  6. Positioning and selection of microparticles
  7. Microdissection of chromosomes, etc.




  1. Unique DualSpeed joystick for precise and instantaneous movement control
  2. Maximum stability ensures vibration-free work
  3. One Joystick for all 3 axes (X, Y, Z) movements and in axial direction (X/Z)
  4. Angle adjustment from 0° to 90°
  5. One-hand operation for capillary and angle settings
  6. Programmable Z-axis limit for preventing capillary breakage
  7. Connection with Eppendorf PiezoXpert and electronic microinjectors FemtoJet 4i/4x
  8. Can be adapted to all conventional microscopes
  9. PC interface for remote control

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