TransferMan 4m Manipulator

Brand: Eppendorf
Product Code: TransferMan 4m

Your most precious cells deserve the best possible micromanipulation treatment. With its unprecedented movement control and optimized operation concept, the TransferMan 4m minimizes exposure of your IVF sample to stress or trauma. In this manner, it embodies Eppendorf's ambition to live up to the highest standards of performance and precision.


Product Information


You are facing an increasing number of ICSI-cycles per day with the same high fertilization/blastocyst rates of precious oocytes? Did you ever experience work-related stress or pain in arms, neck or back due to unergonomic (setup of) micromanipulators?

The TransferMan 4m was designed to solve main challenges of modern IVF-labs to increase fertilization/blastocyt rates, reproducibility, throughput, and to minimize work-related stress for the user. Request a personal on-site demo to compare easy, ergonomic handling and excellent performance of the TransferMan 4m to your current solution - convince yourself.




  1. Micromanipulation of oocytes or embryos of the early developmental stages (e.g. ICSI, hatching, etc.)
  2. PGT-related biopsies (e.g. trophectoderm biopsy)




  1. Unique DualSpeed joystick for both precise and fast movements
  2. Designed with PhysioCare Concept for enhanced ergonomics and less pain
  3. Y-off function for precise and less traumatic injection movement in X-direction
  4. Unprecedented direct transmission of movement without any recognizable latency
  5. Programmable Z-axis limit for preventing capillary breakage
  6. Storage of work positions in and above the medium droplets for increased workflow speed
  7. Can be adapted to all conventional microscopes

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