SafeMate EZ

Brand: EuroClone
Product Code: SafeMate EZ

Stay safe the EZ way

Including premium features in an entry level priced cabinet, the new SafeMate EZ series allow everybody to stay safe in an easy way.
The “V”-shaped antiobstruction grill allows working without worrying about armrests, while the self positioning electrically operated front sash makes sure that the front aperture is always at the right size for comfort and safety.

Your Safety is ourCommitment

No compromise for Operator, Product and Environment.

Protection guaranteed as required by EN12469:2000 standard. 


Feature rich!

Electrical front sash: the front glass is operated using the switches on the main control panel allowing effortless opening and closing of the working area.
V-shaped front grill: forget about armrests limiting your working position: SafeMate’s Vshaped front grill ensures the front barrier is always at its best.
Customizable utilities: want more space in the working area? Do not take the optional taps if.

Changed your mind and want the taps? Just buy the option and they will be installed in your
cabinet even after sales!

Fully VHP compliant: with the optional VHP connector kit you can easily use any Hydrogen Peroxide vapour generation system to fully sterilize your cabinet


Main Specifications


  • State of the art AC motorblower enhances energy efficiency, reducing operating costs.
  • Fully compliant with the EN 12469 safety standard
  • Air and aerosol tight electrical sliding sash
  • UV light on back wall 
  • 5° Sloping front aperture to maximise comfort.
  • V-Shaped anti-obstruction front grill
  • Optional utilities for gas and vacuum, installable in-field
  • Real Time reporting of air speeds (inflow & downflow)
  • Fully stainless steel working chamber and surface

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