Fertilisafe Multi-Zone ART Workstation

Brand: Esco medical
Product Code: Fertilisafe™

Fertilisafe Multi-Zone ART Workstation is at the top of its class with a complete set of advanced features that helps embryologists in their daily work.


Hand-in-hand in achieving high fertility success rates

The Fertilisafe Multi-zone ART Workstation is not just your ordinary laminar flow hood for gamete or embryo manipulation during IVF but it has been built to complement your existing routine processes thru superior features that no other workstations can surpass.
It has been designed to keep the culture dish at the right temperature at all times while observation and manipulation is carried out.


Multi-Zone Heating System with Four Temperature Modes

You have access to a high level of control over environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. It has the most advanced Multiple (9+1) independent zones with its own heating elements and sensors, ensuring no crossover heating across zones. The Fertilisafe also has four temperature modes that you can choose from: You can turn on all zones, turn off the right zones, turn off the right and middle zones or all zones are turned off.

Accuracy: ± 0.2 °C
Uniformity: ± 0.2 °C


Real-Time Surveillance System

Designed with a user-friendly platform, you have a real-time information of zone performance and other work area parameters such as gas pressure and flow rate.
Surveillance system with data logging ensures proper system operation for maximum sample protection.


Optional Miri chambers inside your workstation

The Fertilisafe workstation now comes with the option of having Miri® incubators on top of the worktop so you can have a secured environment for your embryos while doing some works inside the workstation. The Miri incubator is popular for its top-notch features such as stable culture environment and faster parameter recovery.


UV Kit (Optional)

Optional UV lamp for work zone decontamination. It also comes with polycarbonate front cover for UV shield and magnetic interlock for safety mechanism when cover is removed.

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