CE Marked
S-footpedal (single foot pedal cat. #)

Indications for Use         The Single Vac Pioneer Pro-Pump® is intended for the aspiration of oocytes in relation to the treatment of infertility relating to IVF and other gynecological procedures.
General Information         
The Single Pioneer Pro-Pump® has been developed to provide a consistent pressure. The vacuum is activated by a foot pedal. The range of vacuum varies from 0-500mmHg. The Pioneer Pro-Pump® requires a reusable bottle kit (supplied).

Recommendations for Use         For a full and detailed User Manual for our Single Vac Pioneer Pro-Pump® please contact us at
Quality Control Specifications         

  • Class I protection against electric shock

  • Type CF Degree of protection against electric shock


Power input to pump: 115V @ 60 Hz or 230V @ 50 Hz depending on the model
Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Maximum current: 2.5A
Vacuum gauge accuracy:    Lower Scale Reading is 3%
Middle Scale Reading is 2%
Upper Scale Reading is 3%
Temperature: Operation/Storage: +5 to +35°C (+45 to +95°F)
Relative humidity: Operation/Storage: 10 to 95%RH
Atmospheric Pressure: Operation/Storage: 500 to 1060 hPa

Width:    9 inches (23 cm)
Depth:    6.5 inches (16 cm)
Height:    5 inches (12 cm)
Weight:    6.35 lbs (6.88 kg)
Vacuum Ranges:    0 to 500 mmHg   

Precautions and Warnings         

  1. Warning: Modification of the Pioneer Pro-Pump® may compromise patient and operator safety. Refer servicing to LifeGlobal® Group personnel only.

  2. Warning: To avoid risk of electric shock, this equipment must only be connected to a supply mains with protective earth.

  3. Warning: No modification of this equipment is allowed.

  4. Warning: Explosion Hazard: Do not use the Pioneer Pro-Pump® in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide. Use of this instrument in such an environment may present an explosion hazard.

  5. Warning: Connect the AC Mains power cord to a properly grounded hospital-grade outlet. The Pioneer Pro-Pump® should be connected to the same elctrical circuit as other equipment in use on the patient. Outlets of the same circuit can be identified by members of the facility engineering department.

  6. Caution: Damage to the Pioneer Pro-Pump® Motor will occur if the collection bottle overflows.

  7. Caution: Do not operate the Pioneer Pro-Pump® if it appears to have been dropped or damaged.

  8. Caution: Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts this device to sale, distribution, or use by or on the order of a licensed medical practitioner.

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