SQA-V Semen analyzer

Brand: MES
Product Code: SQA-V

The automatic sperm quality analyzer SQA-V has made it possible to completely refuse manual analytical methods, which has significantly increased the accuracy of sperm quality analysis. Enforced by the Automatic electronic optic system SQA-V uses the latest developments in video-microscopy and up-to-date software. It is possible to obtain a very accurate analysis of 17 parameters within only 75 seconds. The device generates a hard copy of the results and archives the whole information regarding the process.


The analysis is completely automated and requires no specially trained staff. All that is required is to sampling by aspiration into special capillaries for SQA-V, and then place this capillary in a special Capillary block of the analyzer.


Using a special algorithm, the SQA-V sperm analyzer calculates the percentage of sperm having normal morphology in relation to motility, progressive motility, and velocity. Adjustable optical zoom is within the range of 300x and 500x. The regimen of “heightened sensitivity” for identification oligo-, asteno-, and azoospermia, and samples were taken after vasectomy as well. All the calculations are carried out in accordance with WHO regulations.


There is a high-resolution touchscreen integrated


Hands-on control of semen and microscopy samples in HD quality.


Proven technology


Sperm analysis in 75 seconds with proven SQA-V technology.


This equipment uses disposable capillaries. It realizes the analysis of fresh sperm samples, post-vasectomy samples, washed samples, flotation, density gradient, and frozen sperm samples.

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