Eclipse Ni-E

Brand: Nikon
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Eclipse Ni-E
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A leap forward in research microscopy. See the evolution!

The culmination of years of innovation and optical refinement, Nikon’s Eclipse Ni-E upright research microscope incorporates a revolutionary modular design that allows easy expansion and precise system customization. All-new CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda objectives with Nano Crystal Coat technology yield brighter, higher resolution images with higher transmission rates. Add enhanced widefield and spot laser illumination capabilities with motorized modular components, and you have a truly evolved research microscope that can take on limitless applications.


Maximum System Expandability

Using core technology from Nikon's renowned Eclipse Ti inverted research microscope, the Ni-E offers versatile multi-mode system expandability to suit a vast range of imaging possibilities.

The proprietary "stratum structure" design and expandable infinity space enables the addition of multiple turrets, detectors, laser inputs and other accessories.

The Ni-E is also configurable for multiphoton imaging, as well as fixed-stage configurations to meet the demands of neuroscience applications.

Advanced Motorization

To meet the need for more versatile experiment techniques, more motorized options, such as filter wheel, high-speed shutter and photoactivation unit, are now available.

• Automatic adjustment with objective changeover

Condenser, aperture and field diaphragm, and ND filter are automatically set to the optimal position during objective changeover. In addition, stage XYZ travel amount per handle rotation and parfocal distance deviation correction are automatically adjusted. Microscope settings can also be manually adjusted.

• Observation mode changeover

Observation methods such as brightfield, DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence can be set via programmable buttons, enabling changes to be made at the push of a button. This is particularly useful when the same sample is imaged with multiple observation methods.

• High-precision motorized focusing

High-precision Z-focus provides accurate height information required for use with confocal laser microscopes. Individual coarse and fine focus knobs provide enhanced ease of operation.

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