Narishige - Nikon with ICSI Micromanipulator

Brand: Narishige
Product Code: Narishige - Nikon with ICSI Micromanipulator

The Narishighe In Vitro Fertilization Micromanipulation System is reliable, precise, easy to operate, compact, well-designed and compatible with any microscope. Every Narishige micromanipulator is developed a philosophy of achieving easier high precision micromanipulation.

Having advance optics, sophisticated micromanipulation is now within reach of any researcher. Narishige micromanipulators provide all that is needed for cell injection, suction and sectioning in every field form genetic, cell and production engineering to electrophysiology, pharmacology and neurology.Narishige - Nikon with ICSI Micromanipulator
Their superb performance and efficiency make them invaluable for advancing and diversifying biotechnological fields as well as in-vitro fertilization.

Narishige is devoted to supplying a diverse range of micromanipulators and other products, in support of research in zoology, physiology and biotechnology – with the unwavering commitment to technology and quality the company has maintained since its inception.

Narishige’s micromanipulators are compact and provide lots of open working space on the microscope stage without sacrificing operability and, as such, are the best micromanipulators for IVF / ICSI procedures.

Motorized Coarse Manipulator and a three-axis Fine Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator, each with its own joystick. This system provides remote control for 3-axis course and fine movement, conveniently at your fingertips. Micromanipulators into microscopic movements of a needle or probe.

Typical uses for micromanipulators include Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, (ICSI) microinjection of DNA and other substances into cells, nuclear transplantation (cloning) and the positioning of microscopic electrodes on the surfaces of cells for electrophysiological measurements (patch clamping).


  • NT-88 Micromanipulator Systems
  • Compact design results in reduced distance from manipulator mount to microelectrode tip thereby increasing stability
  • Hanging type joystick provides superior ergonomics and operability
  • Smooth movement without microelectrode drift
  • Modified mounting direction of the universal joint facilitates pipette attachment and removal
  • Angle gauge incorporated in the universal joint ensures repeatable and accurate-angle electrode and pipette orientation
  • Combined 3D motor-drive coarse manipulator and 3D oil-hydraulic fine manipulator for increased stability
  • Equipped with microelectrode return mechanism for easy petri dish changing

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