MultiCoder, printer for lab items

Brand: Minitube Human ART
Product Code: MultiCoder

First and only system for semi-automatic, direct print on lab items (culture dishes, centrifuge tubes, straws, goblets, cassettes, cryovials, syringes and many more).




  • High resolution inkjet printer
  • Sensor based print activation allows perfect manual workflow
  • Pre-designed, adaptable print layouts for different types of lab items
  • Upload of print data from MS Excel based data formats
  • LED signaling of printer status
  • Product carriers for different types of lab items ensure precise positioning of the print; the magnetic carriers can be changed within seconds and without tools
  • Print head protection system to avoid drying-out of ink




  • Intuitive, graphically animated software for easy control of the printing process
  • MediTex software interface for error-free data import available
  • Fast drying and silent print, abrasion resistant and cryo-proof
  • Space-efficient print even on the smallest vessels or on flat dishes
  • Mirrored printing on the outside of the bottom of a Petri dish
  • Simultaneous labeling of several straws of one patient
  • Automatic time stamp, automatic numbering
  • Machine readable labeling (QR code, Code 128)
  • All containers remain closed during printing
  • Significantly faster than labeling by hand or by self-adhesive labels
  • Avoids embryotoxic VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions from label adhesives
  • Small footprint, maintenance-free hardware, low running costs


Scope of delivery


  • MultiCoder printer
  • Software (USB stick)
  • 1x power adapter 24 V, 2,7 A, 60 W (115 - 230V)
  • 1x ethernet cable
  • Instructions for use

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