Octax Laser & Imaging systems

Brand: Vitrolife
Product Code: Octax

Octax is more than just a laser; it is a multipurpose platform for digital imaging, image analysis, and advanced applications in assisted reproduction. The static Octax LaserShot and the dynamic Octax NaviLase provide excellent image quality and safe procedures. Both offer the same outstanding image quality and additional components to compose the best option for your lab. Octax LaserShot and Octax NaviLase are calibration free and they can be used for laser applications within IVF, including:

  • Trophectoderm, blastomere biopsy
  • Blastocyst collapsing
  • Sperm viability testing

Being modular and flexible, Octax adapts to your specific needs and preferences.


Proven in more than 100 scientific publications


With tens of thousands of children born after laser treatment and with no adverse effects, you can be sure your gametes and embryos are safe during laser procedures performed using Octax lasers. Octax laser technology has been tried and tested in over 100 preclinical and clinical publications, which have shown zero adverse effects on oocytes, embryos, or children born after laser treatment.


Software is known for its user friendliness


The core element for the laser and imaging systems is the Octax EyeWare software, which operates the laser, takes images, and records videos. This multipurpose imaging and archiving software is designed to be highly intuitive, making it easy to learn and use. The navigation is logical and the menus are clear and straightforward. All functions are easy to access, saving time and increasing safety. 


The software is based on an SQL server and can support installations ranging from a stand-alone imaging station to a multi-operational, multi-user networked system.

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