Series 8000 Direct-Heat Incubator

Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Product Code: Series 8000 Direct-Heat

Save time and money by keeping cultures safe with Thermo Scientific Series 8000 Direct-Heat CO2 Incubators, featuring a proven sterilization system that destroys all microbial life forms inside the chamber. With precise temperature control and stability of all culture parameters, Series 8000 incubators offer dependable flexibility for growing cells. The automatic high-temperature decontamination cycle is ideal for overnight sterilization and ensures consistent sterilization time after time.


Directed airflow and direct chamber heating maintain optimum uniformity for an ideal culturing environment. During the sterilization cycle, the system ensures that the entire chamber is sterilized and all contamination is eliminated.




  • Advanced airflow and heating provide temperature uniformity and stability
  • Microprocessor-controlled monitoring system
  • In-chamber HEPA air filtration system continuously provides protection from unwanted contaminants
  • Rapid HEPA filtration producing Class 100 air quality in under five minutes
  • Integral 140°C high-temperature sterilization capability
  • Choice of TC or IR CO2 sensor
  • Coved corners throughout for easy cleaning
  • Shelves, supports and HEPA filters easily remove without tools.

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