MIRI Multiroom Incubator

Brand: Esco medical
Product Code: MIRI Multiroom

A MIRI Multiroom incubator for embryo culture with 6 independent chambers preventing cross contamination without causing any disturbance to the neighboring chambers even when the lids are opened/closed.


The Esco MIRI Multiroom incubator is the best option for securing embryos in your IVF laboratory. With its six independent chambers, not only does it provide embryologists a bigger capacity to accommodate more embryos. It also ensures that environmental parameters are maintained even when the neighboring chambers are opened.


The Esco MIRI Multiroom incubator gives you the option to use pure N2 and CO2 gases which are cheaper than premixed gases and recirculates these gas inserts giving you the best value for money. The independent chamber system prevents cross-contamination while HEPA/VOC filtration cleans the airstream. 

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