AVT-I Anti Vibration Table

Brand: Esco medical
Product Code: AVT-I Anti Vibration Table

Design to fit your exact needs and requirements.


Sensitivity procedures - no vibrations

ICSI is a very tedious process. It requires skilled hands and a vibration-free platform to inject the sperm effectively. The dedicated skills of an embryologist you might be able to acquire, but the vibration is another thing which has to be dealt separately. Esco Medical is your partner on IVF needs, and we understand how crucial it is to remove vibration for optimized performance.


Isolating the microscope from vibrations

The Esco Anti-Vibration Table (AVT-1) is specially designed for micromanipulation procedures. It has an anti-vibration feature for passive dampening of the microscope. The over-all structure is rigid with sturdy frame stands that damp out any induced surface movements.


Easy to use and sturdy construction

The sturdy table frame is made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The tabletop is made of stainless steel with glass on both sides. In the middle of the tabletop is the anti-vibration platform, which houses the anti-vibration mechanism. Unlike other brands with slab surface, vibrations are eliminated efficiently through an optimized choice of mass and support stiffness ensuring a passive dampening.


AVT can reduce vibration with frequency as high as 50Hz

All building floors vibrate at low frequencies which in turn affects the performance of high-magnification microscopy. The effects of vibration can be significantly reduced by isolating the microscope. The degree of improvement varies between instruments and locations, depending upon the amplitude and frequency of the floor vibrations. Esco AVT has an outstanding performance of eliminating vibration with frequency range as low as 5.5 Hz and up to 50 Hz.

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