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pH is one of the most critical parameters determining the performance of culture media. The embryo´s internal pH which is known to regulate various metabolic and transport processes can only be maintained in an appropriate environment. Typically, checking media pH by conventional pH meters is too cumbersome and time-consuming to be done in short intervals.
pH Online™ has been designed to continuously monitor media pH from a reference dish placed in the incubator. Measurement is based on a non-contact, internally referenced dual luminophore technology which has huge advantages over conventional pH electrodes:
• Designed for long-term pH measurement
• No pH drift
• Pre-calibrated
• Disposable sensor dishes – no cleaning or sterilization pH OnlineTM is operated via the OCTAX Log & Guard™ controller and supports all Log & Guard™ features.


# 14840 / 0100 
pH Online™ sensor unit

for one incubator for monitoring pH in conventional incubators with access port or in K-Systems G185ST / Planer BT37 benchtop incubators; cpl. with holding rack for the sensor dish, heat resistant optical fiber 750 mm, and 10 pH sensor dishes; requires OCTAX Log & Guard™ controller; measuring range pH 5.5 – 9.0, accuracy ± 0.03 pH, resolution 0.01 pH, power supply 12 V DC via external power adapter; dimensions: sensor unit 47 x 134 x 36 mm (LxWxH), holding rack for dishes 80 x 120 x 65 mm (LxWxH)






# 14850 / 8998 
pH Online™ sensor dish

with integrated pH sensor spot 4-well dish for 7-day use with pH Online™, calibration certificate included, individually packed, sterile, shelf life (unopened) 15 months; bag of 10 PCS; not for embryo culture

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