GOLEM – birth table F1

Производитель: Golem
Модель: GOLEM – birth table F1
Наличие: Есть в наличии

GOLEM – birth table F1 

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Optimally meeting all requirements of birth assistants and the mother, the GOLEM F1 birth table enables birth in the standard position, with bent knees or in the knee-breast position, as well as necessary procedures. 

Complete adjustable of all segments by 6 electromotors: height adjustable, trendelenburg, back segment, head segment, leg segment and foot support. Full synchronic adjustable of all positions in same time with full-load. There are 4 memories to save most useable positions for your comfort. Low starting high only 650 mm provide for enter on table without step. Modern foot supports which makes possible to sit patient, put legs to support on the floor, flowing changeover to birth position effortlessly! Easy put off foot supports to patient can be load from side of table. (From wheelchair or transport table.) Control of all motors by transparent hand-control, currently can be most use functions control by leg-pedals. 

All parts are covering by white plastic covers with high brightness and UV filter. Non-seam and detachable upholstery in colour of your choice. The optimal dividing of the surface allows for easy setting of the table to the position for birth and stitching and, after ejecting the leg segment (electrically adjustable), to the lying position, in which a flat surface of 1 800 mm in length is created. 

Technical parametres: 

Working area width 600 mm. Total length of working area in lying position 1 800 mm. Length of segments: leg 500 mm, seat 400 mm, back 400 mm, head 500 mm. Height adjustable by electromotor 650 – 950 mm Trendelenburg adjustable by electromotor 0° + 20° Back segment adjustable by electromotor 0° + 75° Head segment adjustable by electromotor – 20° + 50° Leg supports adjustable by electromotor from floor to examining position. Required place for table 800 × 1 500 mm (in seating position)/1 800 mm (in lying position). Weight capacity 180 kg. 

Standart accesories:

6 electromotors, 4 memories of positions, foot supports and goepel leg supports with strap, handrails for pacient, EUROrails on back segment for mount next accesories, hand holder during infusion, holder of infusion, removable stainless steel bowl, holder of paper roll, step for doctor, reserve-battery for emergency operation, 2 plugs 230 V for use of external electric units, hand control and leg pedals, wheels Ø 75 with central brake, built-in circuit breaker. 



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