S@femate ECO

Производитель: EuroClone
Модель: Safemate ECO
Наличие: Есть в наличии

Green Evolution
S@femate ECO Class II (Type A2) Microbiological Safety Cabinet Series evolves from our bestseller S@femate Series adding an eco-friendly approach: the new EC Motorblowers enchance energy efficiency significantly reducing operating costs and improving building energy balance thanks to the lower heat output.

How does S@femate ECO benefits you?

  • It reduces your Energy Bill! Lower Power Consumption and Better Efficiency means money saving!

  • It guarantees a lower Heat Emission compared to the conventional AC motor. This reduces running costs as well thanks to lowered building cooling load.

  • It saves the Planet! Lower Energy Consumption and Highest Efficiency means less CO2 Emission and sustainable work flow.

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