Pentaled 28

Производитель: RIMSA
Модель: Pentaled 28
Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • Light intensity mt.1: 80.000 lux

  • Color temperature: 4.500 / 5.000 K

  • Manual regulation of focus

  • Diameter of the reflector: Ø 400 mm    

This lamp offers exceptional technical performance and great operating versatility. It is particularly suitable for minor surgery, gynaecology and emergency room. The dome consists of 28 LED lenses arranged radial fashion to suppress shadows and ensure three-dimensional lighting. The modular design of the LEDs ensures light continuity even in the rare case of a fault affecting an individual LED. The high efficiency of the LED sources and the low current absorption permit obtaining very low IR emissions and a cold light in the operating field. Light intensity is 80,000 lux. 
Focusing and light field adjustment are achieved by turning the central knob. Through a digital membrane, the switch-on and switch-off functions can be accessed, the light intensity can be adjusted and the colour temperature can be changed 4500-5000K.

Also available in floor version with anti-static wheels, wall version and ceiling version. On request it can be supplied with backup unit with an autonomy of 3 hours, consisting of batteries and battery charger.

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