In 1936 RIMSA mechanic's workshop have been established in Seregno by Palmino Longoni.

At first, RIMSA decided to focus on industrial lights both for office and technical appliance thus coping with the evolution in the Italian technical market; from that first decision, an ingenious lamp-holder arm with spring was introduced by RIMSA and welcomed by the customers.
RIMSA exported its products worldwide and started to manufacture luminaires for special uses, chiefly for goldsmithery, cosmetology, electronic and dentistry.

In the 80's, RIMSA channeled its forces in the medical field and in 1983, A-50 have been presented at the Fiera di Milano where it received the first design award for the development of a surgical light.

Further researches in the medical field have been conducted and, in 1992, the 'Camera di Commercio di Milano' conferred the qualification "Innovazione Tecnologica" to the BI-ELLIPTIC surgical light. In 1997 the same award was conferred to the luminaire for laminar flow light 'Stellare'.

During the years, RIMSA developed products for minor and major surgery as well as examination and ambulatory lights.

In 2002, RIMSA introduced PENTALED, the world's first LED surgical lamp (patented in September 2002). Pentaled has been the first lamp without bulbs with a completely cold light emission and powered by LEDs.

RIMSA sells its product in over 90 countries through a worldwide network of wholesalers.

RIMSA remains faithful to its origins, over seventy years later we are the first and most original when it comes to BRIGHT NEW IDEAS.

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