SMZ-1270 Nikon

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Модель: SMZ-1270 Nikon
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SMZ 1270
All-new stereomicroscope delivering incredible image sharpness throughout a wide magnification range.


To meet and exceed the needs to observe minute structures while covering a wide field of view in the biological fields where biological body screening, injection and observation are conducted every day, the SMZ1270 was developed to feature expanded zoom ratio, high operability, and excellent optical performance.

Best-In-Class Zoom Ratio
With a best-in-class zoom ratio of 12.7x (0.63x-8x), the SMZ1270i covers an even greater magnification range than previous models. At the lowest magnification, the actual field of view will go up to 35mm*, allowing easy observation of an entire 35mm petri dish.


              0.63x zoom                                            8x zoom

High Quality Images

Amazingly clear and bright images with reduced chromatic aberrations can be acquired throughout the extended zoom range through the newly developed “Plan Apo WF” and “ED plan WF” objectives.


                                           Apochromat optics                            Conventional optics

New Objectives Optimized for Widefield Observation at Low Magnification

In combination with the newly developed WF series objectives, the SMZ1270i offers a wide and uniformly bright viewfield even at low magnifications. In addition, a 0.75x objective is now available, expanding the lineup of low magnification objectives.

Versatile Double Nosepiece

The double nosepiece allows for seamless observation in a wide range of magnifications. In addition, changing objectives has never been easier.
By changing the nosepiece from stereo-position (stereo view) to mono-position (on-axis view), you can easily acquire images suited for measuring and processing.


                    On-axis view                               P-RN2 Nosepiece

Improved Ergonomics

There are several eyepiece tubes to fit various configurations, from a simple setup to a system with some intermediate modules or digital cameras. With an ergonomic eyepiece tube, the observation angle can be adjusted from 0-30 degrees, allowing for comfortable observation postures even if combined with intermediate modules like illuminators or teaching heads.  Furthermore, the Plain Stands and Diascopic LED Stands adapted a slim design for easier operation and exchange of specimens and samples.


Expandable with a Wide Range of Accessories

To support a variety of observation methods and applications used for research and inspection, an assortment of accessories, such as illumination units, stands, and eyepiece tubes, are available. By incorporating a “Fly Eye Lens” with the Epi-Fluorescence illuminator, uniform brightness over the entire field of view is realized, which helps in observing specimen that needs a wide magnification range. Nikon also offers several digital cameras ideally suited different stereo microscope applications.
Diascopic illumination stands have been renewed. The slim LED base design provides easy access to specimen and easy operation. As with the SMZ25 and SMZ18, the diascopic illumination base features Nikon’s very own oblique illumination, the OCC illuminator. The built-in feature offers high contrast observation for transparent samples such as oocytes used in the IVF application.

OCC Illumination                              Diascopic brightfield illumination    


OCC illumination boosts the contrast of transparent sample structures.  
Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus in two-cell stage  

With the LED Diascopic Illumination 
Base and P-DSF32 Fiber Diascopic 
IlluminationStand, image contrast under 
OCC illumination can be easily adjusted.


                     Fibers                                      Semiconductor

Brain of adult drosophila excited with GFP
Image courtesy of Hokto Kazama, 
Ph.D., Circuit Mechanisms of 
Sensory Perception, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN

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