OCTAX heated, motorized insert

Производитель: MTG
Модель: OCTAX heated, motorized insert
Наличие: Есть в наличии

Featuring precise movement of your 

specimen and perfect temperature control

The heated motorized insert replaces any existing microscope stage insert such as a thermo plate as well as any simple metal plate. It combines the convenient use of any manual X / Y stage with the precision of a motorized stage moving in micron steps. The moving insert plate is equipped with a heating system and a passively heated cover glass plate.


  • Integrates with existing X / Y stages on Olympus and Nikon inverted microscopes

  • Combines ultra-fine movements with manual operation

  • Motorized positioning with high resolution, min. step width < 0.2μm

  • Computer controlled via OCTAX EyeWareTM, maintains temperature even if PC is switched off

  • Temperature control range for insert stage: 25°C ~ 45°C, accuracy < ±0.5°C

  • USB2 connectivity, control by mouse, keyboard or OCTAX keypad controller

  • External connectors: connection to computer via USB cable, and 12 V power supply

  • Supply voltage: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz, 15 VA


  • Get two in one: temperature and motion are software controlled

  • Move the stage in micron steps by a simple mouse click on your screen

  • Adjust speed and directions dynamically by mouse action while the stage is moving

  • Suitable for assisted hatching and ICSI​


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